Remote Investors

If you invest in Oklahoma, but live out of state, Novus will provide you with the "boots on the ground" expertise that is vital to investing remotely.  We understand the challenges, as well as the benefits, of investing outside of one's home market.


Our clients are located across the US and around the globe.  Novus is a trusted source for Oklahoma real estate investing. 


Consulting and Fulfillment 


  • Successfully managing a renovation project remotely is extremely difficult, even for seasoned veterans.  We not only provide our clients with high level project planning, but also assistance with scope of work, budgeting, scheduling, negotiations, work oversight and more.  

Project Management
  • Acquiring off-market properties is essential to building a profitable rental portfolio and successful flip projects.  Break out of the auto-generated MLS searches and wholesaler scraps and let Novus' acquisition fulfillment locate your next investment property.  

Customized Consulting Plans

  • Each investor's strategy is unique and requires nuanced planning.  Our plans are flexible and customizable so we can focus our efforts on what is most valuable to our clients.