Project Management Service

Novus’ Project Management Service for Real Estate Investors is a great way for serious investors to outsource the management of their renovation projects.  If you live out of state, have a full-time job or would prefer to spend your limited time on other investment activities (like finding another great deal) this service is for you.



Here’s how it works:


Renovation Consulting

Before the start of renovations, we will work with you to develop an actionable plan that will facilitate your individual investment goal, whether it is a flip, rental, lease option, house hack or otherwise.  Additionally, we will create a renovation plan to compliment that investment strategy and maximize the return on each renovation dollar.


Renovation Management

Novus’ Renovation Management cuts out the general contracting “middle men.”  We work on a flat fee, so all price benefits we negotiate based on our volume and relationships is passed on to our clients. 


Further, we coordinate and manage the entire renovation project for you, from the moment you close to the moment you hand it off to your realtor or property manager.  In a nutshell, we handle all the headaches for you.   


Bookkeeping and Reporting

During the renovations, an independent CPA will provide you with up-to-date professional accounting reports outlining the costs and progress of your project. 


Professional Photography

We all can’t have our own show on HGTV, but it is fun and rewarding to document when our investment properties get a makeover.  We provide you with high quality, professional 'before and after' photos of your project.  These are yours to keep and can be used for lenders, colleagues or just for some fun Facebook posts. 


Network and Team Building

Novus will help you build your investment team with trusted associates.  These include: acquisitions agents, property managers, disposition agents, accountants, make ready and maintenance services, lawn care, etc.  We do not take referrals lightly and demand a high level of professionalism and accountability from our associate service providers.