Niche Services for your Specific Needs



Roofing is generally one of, if not THE, most expensive CAPEX on an investment.  Novus' roofing division,, is a trusted, licensed and Insured, local roofing company that will provide you with the roof you want at the price you need.  


Repairs and Maintenance

If convenience is key for you when managing the repairs on your properties, let take care of you

Deal Scouting and Analysis

If you need "boots on the ground" or just a trusted advisor to help you scout out and analyze potential deals, we can help

Design and Redesign

From paint colors to a new floor plan.  Let our design and architectural expert help you find the right designs for your projects.

Renovation/Construction Lender Collaboration

Funding a deal can be difficult enough, but navigating the draw requirements and reporting on a renovation or construction loan is onerous and can delay projects.  Let our lending expert help you through this process.